Dark Hampton - Scarf

Dark Hampton - Scarf

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90% Modal, 10% Cashmere.
Handrolled hem.
Lightweight and soft feel.

These beautiful, New Zealand designed scarves are stunning.

Dimensions are 120x120cm

Dark Hampton scarves are delicate and should be handled with care. They are handmade and each one is slightly unique.


The O'Brien - modern and edgy, everyone needs a little green snakeskin in their life, giving you the touch of style you deserve. 

The Boodee - this beautiful, NZ designed scarf is in their custom designed animal print and a striking colour combination of green and pinks, with a touch of red. 

The Rolleston - sassy, playful and stylish. Make up your own rules, pink and red have never looked so good together. We love this reverse herringbone print too. 

The Carter - bright and fresh in a striking blue and white.