Libby Watkins - lux soap

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Queen Havana Lux Soap - Lemongrass and Lemon Myrtle

Coco Cabana - Goats Milk and Coconut



Signature artworks created by hand in the studio

Established in Sydney Australia, starting in the humble studio by designer and artist, Libby Watkins. Libby captures the dramatic imagination of a dreamy escape from reality to an island called "Paradiso".

Paradiso is covered in tropical palm trees hugged by reef coves, jungles and botanicals of the most decadent tropical accents.

In a world of mass production introduce yourself to hand made, limited edition pieces all etched from the island designed to take you to a world far away. 




Share in the resort experience with a unique blend of Australian Made triple milled soap. using only the highest quality ingredients, intensely fragrant and pure. Each Libby Watkins Soap is created for you and ready to send you on your next adventure to the island. 

Perfect gift ready design.