Rampal Latour soap

Rampal Latour soap

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Our Marseille soap is a natural care for skin every day. The production procedure patented by Rampal Latour, preserves the moisturizing power of the glycerine naturally produced during the saponification process. Made in cauldrons since 1828.

    • Containing 100% purified vegetable oils of superior quality. 72% oil in total. 


    • Hypoallergenic: of natural origin, contains no additives, perfume or preserving agents. 


    • Contains as much glycerine as a moisturizing cream (3%). Patented process. 


  • Made in a cauldron in Salon de Provence by Rampal Latour, using 4 times less water and 7 times less energy, without any rejects into the sewerage system. COSMOS NAUTRAL certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standards.